NGS Honeycomb Product

The honeycomb structure is best described as a high strength, low mass, rigid structure that can be adapted to fit a range of applications. The material used for the body of the matrix can be selected to further enhance the properties required by the particular application. In particular, the matrix material can be tailored to the environment in which the matrix will be used, the overall mass requirements of the application and the enhanced strength specification.

NGS Honeycomb products
Honeycomb matrix with a range of different finishes


In addition to the metal used for the construction of honeycomb matrix, a range of different finishes can also be applied. These include galvanization, powder painting, Halar coating and in the case of aluminium, the surface can be anodised. These surface treatments enhance the properties of the product in order to ensure that the material is better suited to the environment that it will be used in or may be for cosmetic appearance. 


The honeycomb mesh is usually contained in a metal frame. In addition to providing stability to the honeycomb mesh, this frame also may provide a means of attaching the frame to the application or may be used to combine flat honeycomb panels into more complex shapes.

Honeycomb mesh contained in a metal frame
Honeycomb tailor made shapes


Whatever your application, NGS Honeycomb may well provide the unique solution you have been looking for. Contact NGS for advice on whether we can provide a tailor made solution that meets your particular needs.